Life is scattered with many moments that come along and knock us off our center. It could be having to deal with cancer or other life threatening illness, or care-taking someone who is. It could be facing  major life changes that demand you recreate how you show up in the world, or it could be some other event that challenges you mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Holistic Meditation Workshops & Retreats

Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It can strengthen our ability to think clearly, enhance our creativity, allow us to become more resilient to stress, and reduce negative emotions. It can create a state of deep relaxation, a sense of calm and balance, and enhance our emotional and physical well-being.

Meditation allows us to find the peace within.

Why Horses?

When people connect with nature and animals, they become more heart-centered. As this inner space becomes more stabilized, it begins to expand outwards. It is through connecting to that peaceful space within each of us that we are able to affect the field of infinite possibilities that creates events in our lives, and how we respond to those events.

Shelly Martin has spent her life connecting and working with horses of all kinds. She understands that horses have an innate ability to influence people in incredibly powerful ways. Horses have a way of grounding us and going beyond our internal walls and barriers that is so pure and natural, it is a miracle to watch every time it takes place.

Join us for a unique and wonderful experience of meditating with horses.

We offer both group and private sessions with the horses at several facilities in Nth County San Diego.

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One Response to Welcome

  1. Marji Campbell says:

    Did the horse meditation last weekend, and it was fabulous! Thanks, Shelly!
    – Dr. Campbell

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